The Psychology of the Rematch


September 25, 2012 by Melissa Ray

Image source: iStockphoto/ Sebastian Kaulitski

This is a guest post I wrote for My Muay Thai. My Muay Thai (created by Nopstar) has been providing updates and information to Muay Thai fans for more than 6 years, and is one of the most popular Muay Thai-related websites around. I was delighted to be given this opportunity, please check out my article using the link below.

3 thoughts on “The Psychology of the Rematch

  1. Matt Goulden says:

    Just found your site via so copy and pasted what I wrote there on here aswell.This is a great website and Im ashamed to say I didnt know about you until now.Im an avid MT fan so its great when people share there knowledge on like this many thanks.Would you fight in UK now your back here?

    Melissa interesting article.

    This is a genuine question not just sniping, but in the article you reference and quote Vinny Shorman who many in the UK MT fraternity know well. As someone who holds a PHD in neuroscience how much credence do you actually give to NLP practitioners and NLP in general?

    Il be honest, to my mind, at best and being polite, it is total nonsense, at worst its possibly dangerous.Im prepared to proved wrong but I am genuinly interested in what you think about it from your academic perspective?

    • Melissa Ray says:

      Thank you for your comments Matt. While I agree there is little scientific evidence to support NLP (except perhaps this one study on claustrophobia patients, that doesn’t mean I don’t think it can have positive effects on people who are receptive to it – like a placebo effect. Personally, I have never tried any form of NLP or mind coaching. NLP does have a reputation as a pseudo-science but I wouldn’t discount it until I had first-hand experience of it.

      As for me fighting in the UK…..seems unlikely. I had two pretty major injuries during the last 15 months, the most recent of which I am still recovering from. Also I am officially ‘getting on a bit’ haha! But never say never, I might get back in the ring some day. Thanks again for reading and commenting 🙂

      • manant says:

        Thanks for the reply.I admit Iv had no first hand experience of NLP personally.When I first came across the concept it sounded interesting but also sounded a little to good to be true to a cynical mind like mine! I did some further internet based reading on the subject and basically decided it was total bunkem and nothing short of a way of swindling money out of people.But, that said I figured if you got something out of it, be it placebo or otherwise then more power to you.That was until an acquaintance of mine started using a NLP coach and paying about £100 per hour for the privilage.This acquaintance of mine had a history of severe depression and other mental health problems that she was under medical supervision for.After about 2 NLP sessions she took her self off her medication without consulting her Dr.As I didn’t know this person very well I’m not sure what happened after this, if anything?Maybe she was totally fine?It did make me think that even if the NLP practitioner hadn’t actually told the person to come off the meds’,that this kind of practice was potentially very damaging, so Im quite anti it based on that story.One has to be mindful of possible other, future consequences to your actions I think.

        Again thanks for the reply.

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